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Feb 28, 2022

Part 2:

Are you leaving your information strategy up to chance? To move your nonprofit organization to the next level, you need to create and promote an information strategy that defines how information supports your mission.

A good information strategy is defined in 5 important steps:

  • Leadership must be engaged in data governance—if leadership doesn’t support the proper use of the right systems, your information can’t reliably support your nonprofit mission.
  • Your organization’s operations must be prepared to implement and use your information systems—if you aren’t ready, then you can’t successfully implement an information strategy.
  • The processes used by your nonprofit must be clearly defined and mutually understood by all stakeholders—if you aren’t speaking the same language, your information will continue to fall into the cracks.
  • Data must be structured and managed in a high-quality and easily accessible manner—if you build it, maintain it.
  • The right technology must be selected to support your nonprofit’s needs—but no technology can overcome problems in the previous four steps.

Presenter Peter Mirus co-founded Build Consulting in 2015, following over 15 years of nonprofit consulting experience in the areas of technology, branding, marketing, and development. Peter’s work for Build clients has a broad focus spanning many operational areas, including fundraising, program monitoring and evaluation, accounting, and impact reporting/analysis.