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Jun 11, 2021

Nonprofit organizations know they need to keep themselves safe from cybercriminals. But how safe is safe enough? How much should organizations budget for the latest defensive technology, and how much should they focus on staff training? How does a nonprofit leader balance cybersecurity and convenience for users? 

In this webinar co-presented with Community IT Innovators, we answer your questions on ways to build a cybersecurity budget into your technology roadmap and create a sound process for managing risks and managing staff training, before you consider the specific cybersecurity technologies available to meet your organizational needs. 

View Build Consulting’s change management expert Peter Mirus and Community IT’s cybersecurity guru Matt Eshleman and CEO Johan Hammerstrom for an in-depth discussion of the competing demands on nonprofit cybersecurity practices – quantifying risks, setting a budget, and guarding productivity.

As with all our webinars, this presentation is appropriate for an audience of varied IT experience. Build and Community IT are scrupulously vendor-agnostic, so this conversation will feature a realistic look at the cybersecurity tools available – many of them surprisingly affordable, or focused on training and onboarding changes you can make immediately.


Build Consulting believes that cybersecurity presents clear risks to nonprofits, and that most nonprofits are not as prepared to face cybersecurity risks as they should be. In our experience working with hundreds of nonprofit organizations across well over a thousand projects, we’ve learned there is one important thing nonprofits don’t take into consideration that really comes into play when considering cybersecurity: the technology shouldn’t come first, it should be considered last. 

If you want a successful technology-supported change at your organization, the change must start with your people and processes, not with cybersecurity technology!