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Dec 22, 2023

This episode is all about AI and how it is impacting our working and personal lives now, particularly if you work at a nonprofit and you are trying to figure out where to invest in AI tools, and where to wait for the technology to develop further. Kyle Haines and guest Johan Hammerstom discuss fear of missing out, where to be cautious, and where to test-drive AI before taking the plunge. They discuss Microsoft’s Copilot at length as an AI application that everyone using Microsoft products will eventually see integrate across the Microsoft Office.

Johan is CEO of Community IT Innovators, an MSP providing outsourced IT support exclusively to nonprofits. Community IT and Build Consulting have a long history of partnership and have worked with many of the same clients over the years. Kyle and Johan also go way back. Sometimes those conversations between colleagues and friends of longstanding are the best kind to listen in on, and this discussion explores questions and cautions that these experts have about this “wild west” phase of AI we are living through now as the technology sorts itself into products and services. They also touch on the ways different generations interact with knowledge, and the way our algorithms can make echo chambers out of the media we consume.

Our Fireside Chats are designed for audiences with varied experiences with technology. In this Fireside Chat with Johan Hammerstrom on AI, learn more about leading nonprofits by understanding new technologies as they emerge, and how those new tools can fit your use case.