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Jun 9, 2023

Some of the best conversations are inspired by sitting around the fire and thinking of possibilities and visions – large and small.

Guest Karen Graham has a long academic and practitioner career working with technology and nonprofits and asking the question “What is learning?” Listen to her conversation with Kyle to understand more about learning nonprofits.  How you can work to define learning for your organization? How do you ensure your technology projects embrace learning as you implement and evaluate your nonprofit tech? How can your organization utilize learning as a differentiator, and what does that do to create tech successes?

In this fireside chat Karen and Kyle discuss software selection and learning platforms, but their conversation is not limited to education platforms alone. Is your organization fully involving your stakeholders in design and decision making? What do your clients, grantees, and staff have to teach you? Where are you missing the expertise in your own network, and how can you build cultures and technology tools that help everyone contribute to what your nonprofit is learning?

Our Fireside Chats are designed for audiences with varied experiences with technology. In this Fireside Chat with Karen Graham learn more about learning itself – how we learn, where learning occurs, and why being a learning organization is essential to nonprofits as they embrace technology.