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May 20, 2022

Nonprofit organizations collect a lot of donor data in their CRM systems. But what is the quality of that data? And what insights are nonprofits getting from that data to help increase donations?

Listen to Build Consulting’s development/fundraising operations and CRM experts, who offer ideas and answer your questions about how to take your donor data management to the next level, originally recorded in 2019. 

Our experts have served hundreds of nonprofit organizations, assessing their needs for donor relationship management, selecting and implementing CRM systems, and providing hands-on data management and reporting support.

Registrants submitted dozens of questions and we chose nine to answer, reflecting a range of issues important to the participants. Thank you to all our participants for helping shape our discussion to include real-life scenarios.

The Questions

  1. How do I get my organization to understand how important our CRM database is? 
  2. What are some key trends that you see happening in the CRM space this past year and what should we be planning for?
  3. The marketing department is pushing us to change CRMs, they don’t seem to understand how difficult that would be. What should we be communicating?
  4. We actually have two or three different CRMs, one for support services, one for volunteers, and The Raiser’s Edge for donors. It’s a mess and no one seems to care!