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Apr 16, 2021

Join Build Partner, Peter Mirus, and moderator, Jennifer Keller Jackson, to learn what it takes to lead an effective software selection!

There are many reasons why selection processes can hit rough patches. Maybe you need to alter the composition of your selection team, perhaps your objectives or requirements aren’t clear, perhaps you confused one or more vendors at some point in the process, or perhaps you just need someone to translate some of the vendor “techno speak” into plain business language.

The range of technology available has a spectacular range of costs, with licensing/subscription, implementation, and support fees each ranging from free to potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars. You’ll want to evaluate both what the software provides and how well the provider (or service partner) will use the software to meet your objectives. Taking a “platform approach” for your organization creates a particular set of challenges that don’t exist to the same degree in a “best-of-breed approach.”

For most organizations, selecting a technology platform represents a long-term commitment and also an opportunity. But how do you capitalize on that opportunity?

All nonprofit organizations stand to benefit from an improved technology environment, which requires improving your software selection skills.