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Mar 10, 2023

A powerful, practical framework for change

  • Investing in new technology systems only to find that your colleagues have not adopted them?
  • Making changes to your systems or processes only to find that people revert to their old ways?
  • Hearing about “change management” but feel unclear on what it is or how to perform it?

Nonprofit Technology Change Management

Most technology projects have non-technological goals: raise more money, reach more supporters, serve more program participants, or become more efficient. To reach those goals, not only must the technology improve, but the habits and behaviors of system users must change – sometimes significantly.

In this video, we share a framework on how to manage the challenges of aligning organizational change with technology projects. Learn how to examine the impacts of a technology change and identify the steps required for an organization to manage the change.

Peter Gross and Johan Hammerstrom also answer questions from the audience on specific change management issues such as communication, the role of leadership, and how to address siloed departments with organization-wide technology change.

Download the free framework here: